Top 5 Custom Cake Trends in 2019

We are now in one foot deep into the first month of the new year, and I'm pretty sure our hands are still itching, endlessly scrolling through food porn pictures in Instagram, coupled with fitness & travel goals photos and Kardashian wannabe selfies. It's the new year, and that means new birthday parties to plan for your kids, mothers and mother in laws, husbands and of course, your awesome boss (insert a pinch of sarcasm).

Two thousand eighteen was a fantastic year full of the unabashed overload of cuteness. Unicorn cake, unicorn macarons, unicorn cupcakes, heck, we even had unicorn tears. It was so popular until it wasn't extraordinary to be called a unicorn anymore. But who cares, it was a year of self-love and self-empowerment. #youdoyou

As for someone who deals with cakes every day, we feel the "pulse" (see what I did there?) on where the industry is moving towards to and that's something we have to take heed of to stay relevant. We have predicted some trends this year, and for some, these could be a right idea bank of what they could do for their parties.



Unicorns-out. Mermaids-in. I think Unicorn cake has reached its social fatigue and needed to hibernate to la la land. Although admittedly we would still be seeing some influences of the cutesy, colourful cakes but with the appreciation of the underwater. Mermaids would be taking centre stage, and underwater creatures would sprout from the depths of the sea.


Little Mermaid

mermaid cake




Before you get tongue-tied, say it with me, en Francais: crock-em-bush. Say it once, and it can impress any French man, say it twice and people might think you're saying something filthy. This classic French wedding cake has been around for ages. Although some might claim that they have invented or started it all, let's get real. You can't take claim for everything and anything that's out there. This wow-inducing cream puff tower should be a centrepiece of any celebration. Who wouldn't want to pluck something out of the tree and eat it too? The goal is colour coordinated and minimal decorations.



Ugly pretty comes to mind when we think of industrial cakes. The contrast of something hard and soft, dirty and clean, refined and rustic permeates into this whole genre of cake design. It's pushing the boundaries what is beautiful. From concrete finishes to marble wrapped cakes and Geometrics, there's something unconventionally beautiful in these cake selections.





Light up the torches and see what animals lurk in the depths of the forest. Think of Bambi-esque type of theme, just the right dose of mystery and innocence. 






Who doesn't want to get naked? Naked cakes, I mean. In the hippie corners of the trend chain and the rise of the rustic movement, we're going back to nature close to Adam and Eve's time. Barenaked and Au naturel (i). At times, only the most straightforward and most humble creation can give the biggest impression. Decorated with fruits and herbs found mostly in your garden as foraging in our concrete jungle might provide you with nothing but cakes of dust, or how about our harvesting that urban gardens (maybe?). Keep it pure and unadulterated. That's the secret.


There you have it. Five very different design categories that you could look into planning your parties this year. Make sure to get your inquiries in as early as one to two months ahead to give more time for the bakers to think and execute for you. Get those Pinterest boards up and let your imagination run wild.