The Gift of Wellness-JAL Yoga X PULSE Patisserie

In this modern and digital age of convenience and instant gratification, we are always striving to find time for time. Ironically, technology is meant to improve and ease our lives and not to make it even more complicated than it is. We are bombarded with thousands of strobing stimuli and information that our focus shorten as we age.

This May, we talk about wellness and what does it mean. According to the dictionary, wellness is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal. Actively sought goal- that rings the loudest with this definition. It must be a persistent goal for us to strive for and to achieve. Over recent years, there's been a steady demand for health foods, and we can't deny it. Our grocers have sprouted labels like "superfoods" and "organic" that populated their food aisles. We put so much importance in our bodies that sometimes, we forget our main central processing unit, our minds. Mental health has long been a controversial topic in our society and only now that we get to hear it more often on the limelight. With Britney Spears' recent admissions to a mental health facility, it gave us further validation on the importance of mental health. After her 2007 meltdown, she indeed kicked it, baby, one more time.

As someone who works in a cake business, we don't necessarily have the healthiest option in the food pyramid, however, we've always advocated that we are here to nurture than to spoil. Too much of a good thing is never right and deprivation of something good is also never going to be right. Therefore, we must make each calorie worth it. 

Most people turn to Yoga to facilitate this state of well being. This month, we talked to Pardeep Fogat of JAL Yoga. A respected Yoga Instructor Influenced by his teachers, peers, environment and his travels, Pardeep aims to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of his classes. His teaching comes from careful planning that he adapts according to the energy of the course to allow practitioners to do what they cannot do mentally and physically. Through intention, meditation, pranayama, and asana, his goal is to have practitioners leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. Pardeep's classes are always challenging physically and mentally, delivered in English with uplifting music, including minimal demonstration and maximum hands-on assistance.

Here's what he has to say:

Pulse: In your experience, what's the most common misconception about Yoga?

In my Yoga journey so far, I've encountered several common myths. From conflicting and aligning Yoga with religion, to believe that Yoga is simply for physically flexible people!
But the misconception that you have to be flexible to get on a Yoga mat takes the crown!

Pulse: What does wellness mean to you?

Health and wellness to me primarily consist of complete physical, mental and spiritual nourishment of an individual. I believe when all the aspects of what makes us a person come together - mind, body and soul come together and work in balanced harmony, that is when we should call ourselves 'well'. This can be easily observed directly by noticing how individuals are interacting with the immediate universe around them.

Pulse: How does your class differ from others?

My classes reflect the complete nature of Yoga experience. I aspire to bring a positive balance to a person's physical and emotional wellbeing. Hence, I adopt a holistic teaching method which is developed through careful planning of each session and adaptation according to the energy of the class. With this, the practitioners are motivated to do what they think they cannot do mentally and physically.

Pulse: If you could describe in one word how did Yoga changed your life, what would be and why?
My recovery from asthma and how it moved me to change other peoples lives.


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