In sheer, natural joy, how many sensations can honestly compare to the first bite of a perfect Strawberry shortcake? Think, the ever so crumbly shortcake doused with macerated strawberries and that delicious whipped vanilla cream calms down that sweet bite, but not this one.

Juliet opens the window to a sunny & cool Saturday morning, letting in the spring air that breeze through the intoxicating fragrance of Strawberries. She spells spring in all capital letters. The pillowy light chiffon serves as a blank canvas on what she carries. First, velvety fresh cream whipped to peaks like how her milky skin embraces the morning sun, then lathered up with mascarpone cheese to give you that richness you're craving for. Second, ruby red strawberries slowly cooked down to a pulpous marmalade and a chiffonade of sweet basil to highlight that herbaceous note. Finally, a bouquet of strawberries sits atop her head, like a crowned czarina ready for her awakening.


Photos are for references only. Actual product might differ 5-10% in colour as some screens and resolutions have different colour balance. Garnishes would depend on the seasonality of the fruits available.  


Storage: Refrigerated at all times. Best eaten on the day itself. 

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