The weather is humid, the grass is dry, the cicadas are humming, and the beautiful scent of guavas exhales into the air. Cheska hides in a crawlspace where we find the coolness and repose we crave in the hottest weather. Sweet guavas and vibrant ripe mangoes ensnare you with addictive notes and present a novel freshness. A bracing opening of mouthwatering sweetness offers an odd familiarity and a combination you never had before. The secret here lies in the collision between specific fruit notes pivoting around each other's freshness and tartness, tugging the weather's heat out of your mind.

Silky Guava mousseline drapes her inner workings, imprisoning a heart of red strawberry gelee, spotting that of ripe voluptuous mangoes before escaping into your palette. Light and cotton-like chiffon give you relief from a waterfall of freshness, giving you a chance to breathe and swallow air. But comfort is short-lived as fragrant and almost bitter Orange blossom soaks up the chiffon like the love potion you drink from a Cupid's cup.

At first glance, Cheska is a joyous and loveable actor in any love story. But a scratch deeper, and you would taste the resounding balancing act that she played so well that it deserves more than just an ovation.

Photos are for reference only. The actual product might differ 5-10% in colour as some screens and resolutions have different colour balances. Garnishes would depend on the seasonality of the fruits available.  

 Storage: Refrigerated at all times. Best eaten on the day itself. 


42 North Canal Road, Singapore 059298

Parking would be available around the vicinity and in front of our shop (if luck permits!) 


Flat rate of $20. Except Airports, Tuas & Resorts World Sentosa. 

We would try our best to deliver on a specific time. However, please allow 15-20 minutes of delay in case of traffic jam and parking. For restaurant deliveries, please inform the restaurant about the cake delivery so they could store the cake properly. 

For wedding cakes delivery, it would vary depending on location and size. 


All cakes come with an ice pack and can last in an air-conditioned temperature NOT more than 45-60 minutes. 

Best Kept Refrigerated. Mousse cakes are best consumed chilled and for butter cakes, let it come to room temperature for best taste and texture. 

Consume 2 days from the date of purchase. 

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