As we exhale and watch the burning wood of year dissolve into the harbour, our wounded hearts beat with a rhythm that longs for the beacon of euphoria that your support has left in its wake. The privilege and honour of serving you this year pale in comparison to the gratitude we have for your patience and kindness, your return and your praises. Thank you for your quiet company and tender reassurance through the dips and swells of our year's ballet performance. 

2021 has brought more losses than victories, but if you think about it, we take away as much with our losses as our winnings. The joy of gifting and in contrast to the quiet grieving - something that tears threads between hearts across the world. While many lives have been escorted safely to their slumbers, you've begun to grow wiser as the world around you does. Many have travelled a new path; some have barely charted courses that they might have been wary of taking before. The year has not been kind, but you have worked hard despite it all - forgive yourself for all that you have done and not. 

  "Diamonds form under pressure, but dough rises when it rests. Time will find its place."

2022 carries in its whirlpool certainty that tugs us forward, and with it comes dripping beads of creation from the minds behind Pulse. The adventures that promise to collect on the tip of your tongue with every sink of hook and tooth. Our vibrant team looks forward to presenting your palate with the appeal of thrill among comfort; courage against the familiar. By nature, in a gentle patchwork of ribbon and silk, our design of inner workings that lays itself bare anticipates new tidings and fresh tangs. Beneath our tiny sugar pane kitchen windows lies the journey to the unknown.
As to how caramel gleefully melts on our tongue, we burst into the new year with renewed vigour and excitement. Once again, we welcome you to step into the world behind our saccharine doors; a blank canvas awaits a mosaic of batik to come alive on your palette and dance with your senses.


Sinfully Yours,

M. Z. & Pulse Team