strawberry inspiration mousse | lychee elderberry gelee | vanilla chiffon



Linda was born out of love for Pierre Hermes' Ispahan. A penchant affair of sensual rose, lychee and tart raspberry, but this is not another Ispahan. In fact, a rose is not even existent on her. In the opening, Linda embraces you with a velvety Strawberry Inspiration mousse from Valrhona's Inspiration series, lifted with a wink of lychee. She takes us on a tour through all the fresh, sour, and fruity facets of the fruit before softening into the playful Gelée of fresh lychee and exotic elderberry. The name sprouts simple sophistication as pearl necklace drapes on a woman's décolletage, poised and thoughtfully considered. As vulnerable hearts collide on nesting arms while being hoisted in a white and blushy braid around the cake, Linda is a declaration of pure femininity and a love for all women.


Photos are for references only. Actual product might differ 5-10% in colour as some screens and resolutions have different colour balance. Garnishes would depend on the seasonality of the fruits available.  


Storage: Refrigerated at all times. 

Shelf Life: 2 Days

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