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The excitement of the island winds blowing through the Tokushima prefecture brings us an unusual yet familiar fruit. Sudachi. An ingredient rarely used in desserts, which is now making waves in the global scene is reminiscent of a zestier cousin of yuzu, lemon and lime that is packed full of stimulating flavour and refreshing piquant taste.

Keiko carries herself with a punchy and yet likeable attitude that makes her a fantastic choice in our balmy weather. Sweet and inviting on top, tart and energetic on the centre. A rich & voluptuous Mango mousse built on top of a creamy Sudachi curd that's been simmered slowly until ribbon trails on its beating. Sun-ripened sweet mangoes which taste of tropical sunshine dots the sour curd before a layer of crisp, airy meringue sleeps on it. Finally, a Pavlova crown is perched on top of her head, befitting of an island queen.


Photos are for references only. Actual product might differ 5-10% in colour as some screens and resolutions have different colour balance. Garnishes would depend on the seasonality of the fruits available.  


Storage: Refrigerated at all times. Best eaten on the day itself. 

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